WHAT IS BioPencil?

BioPencil is a 100% eco-friendly pencil made from algae instead of wood, and at one end of the pencil there is a capsule containing aguaymanto (peruvian cherry) seeds. this means that when you have finished using your pencil, the seeds can be planted in a flowerpot, and you will have planted a tree!
because we are committed to protecting and conserving the environment, we focus on every aspect of the raw material and use of our pencils, including the shavings. this approach is what sets us apart from traditional wooden pencils: our mission is to encourage writing, planting, conservation and reforestation.

BioPencil lápiz cien por ciento ecológico caja por dos unidades.

The shavings produced during use of the BioPencil are not disposable; on the contrary, they can be used as a skin moisturizer. in this way, you can feel the benefits produced by contact between algae and the skin. so, don’t throw away your algae pencil shavings!

  • Soak the shavings in water for 5 minutes.
  • Lawash your hands with the gelatinized algae.
  • Wait for the substance to dry on the skin.
BioPencil lápiz hecho a base de algas.

frequently asked questions

1. How many trees have to be cut down to satisfy the global demand for pencils?

  • From an average-sized incense-cedar tree, around 172,000 pencils can be produced.
  • Every year in the united states, 11,600 incense-cedar trees are cut down to make 2 billion pencils.
  • The german brand faber-castell alone makes 1.8 billion units every year.

2. How should biopencils be sharpened?

  • They can be sharpened using an ordinary pencil sharpener, just like any other pencil.
BioPencil lápiz eco amigable que cuida el medio ambiente.